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Crackling Noises Scarlett Solo / Windows 7 64bit - forum Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Hey Folks,first cheers from Germany.
yesterday i received my Scarlatt Solo.
Well,Driver from official Page,install,input, Windows says everythings fine,Solo accepted.
But i got crackling Noises all the Time. With a normal audio Player,YT Vids, Cubase,etc.
Even if i Change the Buffer/Samplerate etc in Cubase. Same...
And i cant change the USB Performance Mode. Its allways on Mixing.
Its getting me Mad...Even tried another Asio (Asio4All) Noting...
Anyone with same problems?
Let me know if u got a Solution.
Hello mates,
I've got the same usb performance mode problem it's always on mixing. And it's effecting my latency when I'm recording. I've tried on a laptop and modes were working fine but made problem on my desktop PC. I've got another sound card (creative blaster) for 5.1 sound system. Could that other sound card make problem? If you find a solution please tell me quick I will go crazy soon^
Hi guys,

With regards to this issue, it is small known problem specific to AMD chipsets, which I suspect you are both running.
We are working currently to resolve the issue, and this should be available very soon.
Until that time, please can you try connecting the Solo to a USB3.0 port instead of a USB2.0 port (this should mean you can change the performance mode), and/or install the previous driver which allows for Solo to be used, version 2.5.2, available here:


As mentioned, we are close to resolving this issue, and you can always subscribe to our beta driver website in order to receive news on pre-release beta drivers:

Please let me know how you get on.
Best regards

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Hello simon,
Your detection is so true. I use AMD Phenom II. I've tried the old driver you linked and it helped to drop my overall latency to 14.6 ms (buffer length 2).It was 24ms with the mixing mode on last driver.
So it's working better for now. I'm on watch for new driver.
Thanks for helping mate. Cheers!:bravo:
No problem, glad you're back up and working.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support
Simon, are you anywhere near in finishing that driver?
I have the same issue, crackling noise which oscillates from bad to worse and I'm also on AMD Phenom processor. I bought the card yesterday and I'm having problems since then...
I would really appreciate some info about when I can expect that driver to be available.

Thanks a lot,

I've bought the Scarlett Solo 2 days ago and I'm experiencing the same Problems as LuckyDevl.
After plugging in I downloaded the actual drivers.
Can't switch the USB mode, which is not my main problem, but still annoying.

My main problem is the very awful crackling sound through the headphones ...
If I switch to direct monitoring everything works fine for the sound coming from my mic.
Only with sound coming from my PC via USB I get this crackling noise.
I also tried different USB ports and cable.

My system is Windows 7/64 Bit with an AMD Phenom II x6 CPU.

Will this issue with the crackling noise get patched soon?
Hopefully it will.

I can't work with an issue like this, because it limits the main functionality of this

Fips [austria]
Hi Goran & Fips,

Sorry that you're both having problems with your Solos.
As above, please download and install the 2.5.2 version of the USB driver, this is known to work perfectly fine with AMD machines, if for some reason your issues continue, then it is not related to your machine being AMD and we can troubleshoot further (you may wish to email us for this so we can deal with your case more directly).

USB2.0 driver 2.5.2:

Please let me know how you get on, please do contact us directly if you need any more info:

Simon // Focusrite Technical support

thanks for the quick reply Simon.
Now everythings sounds cristal clear and very good, without crackling noises.
Also the Focustite Control Panel works fine. I'm really happy with the product now.
Thanks a lot :)

First it took me a few more tries to fix it.
It's important to completly deinstall the drivers and delete them.
If you know how, this is gonna be easy.

Here is a little tutorial, maybe it helps someone with the same problem.
{Pictures in spoiler}

+ First deinstall the Focusrite Software in Systempreferences > All Programs ...
+ Open your sound devices
+ Choose the Scarlett Solo and click on preferences/options

+ Again click on preferences/options

+ Then choose the tab drivers and click on deinstall

+ Check the checkbox which says if you want to delete your drivers and click OK

>>Now your drivers are fully deinstalled<<
+ Restart your PC
+ Install 2.5.2 drivers which Simon posted above and you're fine.

Hopefully this helps other people the easily get this fixed :)

Fips [austria]
Thanks a lot Fips, great walkthrough.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

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