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Cannot change the buffer size in Asio Control Panel and make it stay - forum Focusrite Scarlett2 18i20

I have had the Scarlett 18i20 for sometime and am having an issue with being able to change the buffer size of ASIO within my DAW, Harrison Mixbus 32-C 5. It is running on Windows 7. I have followed the directions for updating Windows 7, reinstalled Focurite Control, and am unable to resolve this issue. I followed the steps on Focusrite's page concerning this issue. When I adjust the buffer in the ASIO Control Panel natively it sticks, but when I change it within my DAW it resets upon closing and defaults to 1024 and nothing else. Then when I check it in the ASIO Control Panel it has reverted back to 1024

I simply cannot change the buffer, even following the directions. And this is causing unsolvable latency, even running Mixbus's latency calibration. What can I do to make sure the buffer changes I make stay? Thanks in advance.

tl;dr - cannot make changes to ASIO Control Panel's buffer setting that stay beyond closing the window.

Wow. I signed up for this forum specifically to ask this very question about my 2i4, and found this thread right at the top.

The buffer size in the ASIO Control Panel keeps jumping back to 1024, but I'm not sure if it does so when the computer is rebooted, or if it has something to do with launching Cubase. When it's set to 1024, Cubase won't play back correctly, there are large gaps in the audio. If I shorten the buffers to 256 in ASIO Control Panel, playback sounds fine.

What is the relationship between the ASIO buffer size(s) in Cubase's studio config section, and the one set in Focusrite's ASIO Control Panel?
I am also having this problem, but my buffer size is stuck at 8! It is unplayable.

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