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Microphone gain needs to be turned up to max just to hear anything - forum Focusrite Scarlett Solo G3

I recently bought a focusrite generation 3 solo audio interface and am having some difficulties with the microphone setup. I am using an MXL 770 microphone with a HOSA 10 foot XLR cable and some Audiotechnica MX30's for output and direct monitoring. I also have an electric piano that I plugged into the same XLR port on my focusrite using a 1/4" to XLR cord and the audio level seemed fine. When I use the MXL, however, I have to put the gain to near max just to hear or record anything. After browsing focusrite's own forums, this doesn't seem like it should be the case. Do I have a faulty microphone or XLR cable? This is my first setup so I am unsure what I should test or replace next. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I'm having the exact same issue. It it's not turned to the 3 O'Clock area on the dial it only picks up half of what I say. This is a common issue I see and the usual answer is a cop out. "Some microphones require more gain." but it's F****** ridiculous that I need it cranked just to be heard because I can't turn up Gain when I need more gain.

I'm using a StellarX2 Vintage. It's not a cheap microphone. The audio cable is brand new. The Solo is the only factor because my Behringer interface doesn't need even half the gain on the dial to hear me fine.

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