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No sound coming out from computer linked to M-audio 192|6

Hi guys,

Sorry if there is an existing thread about this problem, I couldn't find it.

Here is the problem,

I have a windows 10 pc (latest update 18363.900) with the latest m-audio 192|6 driver installed (1.0.3).

When plugged to my pc most of the time no sound will come out from my speakers, sometimes after uninstall/install the driver and rebooting the computer several times I'll get like 10 seconds of sounds (from youtube, soundcloud etc) and then it will stop until I uninstall/install/reboot the computer again.
Also in Windows Control Panel>Sound I can see the air 192|6 listed and it shows that sound is coming thru.

When i try to run Ableton Live Suite 10 sometimes I can set up the interface as audio through ASIO but then again no sound coming out from my synth and drum machine (Volca Bass and Beats), the audio signal is not recognized in Ableton but it is on the interface display.
I do have sounds coming from Volca Bass and Beats when setting the USB/Direct knob on direct though but nothing when it is set on usb.
I do have a midi signal when playing with Midi keyboards linked to my pc via usb but then again no sound.

On my windows sound setting the air 192|6 is sets as input and output.

Does someone know something about this or a way to fix it ?
I also tried with several usb/usb C cables but the same trouble is happenning.
Were you ever able to fix this? I am having the same issue right now.

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