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User Review

6 in 6 out and its compact - Reviews MOTU 4pre

The MOTU 4 is a 6 channel interface that can connect to your computer with firewire or USB connections. It comes with software called AudioDesk, which is not very good and I do not recommend using it unless you are an absolute beginner. The preamps on the MOTU 4 are very crisp, they are transparent and they will give you a very natural and warm tone without any distortion. It has 2 separate headphone outs so 2 different people can monitor at the same time which is very convenient for some set ups. This interface can not be racked and must sit on your desktop. It is pretty small and compact so it will not take up much of your workspace. You can easily throw it in your book bag and take it with you wherever you go to record at.


Setting this interface up is plug and play, all you have to do is load your drivers and open up your DAW to set it up. It is quick and only takes a few minutes. There have not been any issues with the drivers on this interface, and I have not received any updates from MOTU yet for this interface.


I have used this interface with about 6 different mics some of the microphones sound great and some not so good. Mainly the microphones that cost a good bit of money sound great and the bad ones have too much “noise” for me.


If you need to record up to 6 tracks simultaneously and still want a compact interface that can work with firewire or USB then this interface is the perfect fit. It is rugged and built to last, portable and affordable. I would take this interface over any of the interfaces in this price range knowing what I know now. I wish that I used this interface when it first came out, it would have saved me from going through a bunch of other interfaces and wasting money.