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MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

USB audio interfacefrom the MOTU 828 series

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User Reviews

Good interface

By Vévé, 28/02/2013
I chose this interface for its number of inputs / outputs (10 and 10) and also 2 inputs / outputs Adat

I use it for recording voice or instrument. It is coupled with a pre Focusrtite in Octo ADAT and various pre-tube amps to analog (SPL, Art, Focusrite, TLA ....)


I use it on my pc with usb Win XP Pro 64bit and Nuendo 4. No stability problem drivers except that XP wants to re-install every time you start while they are there. Another bug, I do not know to the Motu as the default so the player does not work in Windows. It does not matter since I do not use it ... :-)

I do not do multi-track recording so I can not speak to the number of tracks that may have ...

Low latency in the order of 4/6 ms and I can still go down ...


Installation without any problem if it is the one quoted above. Of course I updated the firmware and drivers.

It has the ability to quickly record a track but it is not an interface to put in the hands of a beginner I think. It took me a few tries and some reading / re-reading the manual to get to the set as I wanted. That said, this is my first Motu, maybe someone familiar with their philosophy was faster than me :-)

Cuemix software provides control inputs / outputs and make the mix without a host software. Thereupon the manual is not very clear either. I do not think I have explored the entirety of its possibilities ...


I use it for 5 months, I tried some other sound card as Tascam 1648, 144 ... We are in another world with the Motu, maybe not top notch but it is close.

I love the routing options: I'm using the console "control room" Nuendo 4 stereo sends musicians to talk back system with each consignment controlled by a foot pedal to keep your hands free .. :-)
The number of analog and digital inputs are more than enough and you can easily end up with 26 inputs via ADAT and 2 analog which is enough for a recording studio ..

I do not like this conflicts with the Windows Media Player but it's still a good detail for me

I got 600 € from Thomman in "B-Stock" instead of € 780. Very good quality / price ratio in this case :-)

control it from an iPad

By mrjason, 06/03/2013
The MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid is a interface that has 2 mic preamps and 8 TRS inputs with 8 TRS outputs. This interface can work either with USB or Firewire which is a huge plus for me, being able to have the option to work with either Firewire or USB connection is a nice option to have when it comes to this type of interface because not all systems/computers have a Firewire connection. I have used this interface on 2 different computers in the past one with USB and one with Firewire.


I was also able to use CueMix (the software that comes with it) with my iPad via an app that can be downloaded from the App store. I pretty much had full control over this interface via the iPad as long as there was a WiFi network available to use. This came in handy because I didn’t have to keep going and grabbing my computer mouse each and every time I wanted to adjust some volumes and that was a lot easier than having to run to the computer from the other side of the room. The iPad app was a huge plus for MOTU with this interface and it is a huge selling point.


The preamps sound pretty good, but I wish they were a little more “natural”. They do have a tendency on certain microphones to lightly color the sound a little bit. It was hardly noticeable to me but I could still tell. This interface does not get its power from USB connection and needs to be plugged into a wall.


But it looks great in my rack and I have been using it for a while now. It is pretty much still being used as one of the main interfaces in my personal studio and has been for some time now. I have plenty of outputs and cool features with this interface. It just depends on which microphone I use with it.

anunnakiss's review

By anunnakiss, 27/11/2012
no time to write an expos on the subject I leave a simple note.







Good price quality report

By t42krs, 26/12/2011
Technical characteristic view give manufacturer

The possibility of using either usb or firewire. This allows me to be of use on my Imac or be on my laptop for a nomadic use.


No problem with the drivers that will be on pc and mac via the Ableton Live software. I used the 2 master output, 4 output effect send and track 4 comes into effect return, the latency is quite reasonable.


No care of installation and implementation, I have no need to open the manual.


I used the last eight months, for the time j am fully satisfied, a very good report quality price.
Only small downside the sound quality (which is good) is not worth my old sound card Apogge Duet (which is the same price with just two in and two out), but given the number between and output the fact that it is rack for the price, I do it again this choice without asking any question.
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  • Manufacturer:MOTU
  • Model:828 mk3 Hybrid
  • Series:828
  • Category:USB audio interfaces
  • Added in our database on: 01/09/2011

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News 828 mk3 Hybrid

[NAMM] MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid

Published on 01/08/11
MOTU has announced the 828mk3 Hybrid, an enhanced version of the MOTU 828 audio interface that now provides connectivity to Mac or Windows computers via Firewire or high-speed USB 2.0.

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