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User Review

Good price quality report - Reviews MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

Value For Money : Excellent
Technical characteristic view give manufacturer

The possibility of using either usb or firewire. This allows me to be of use on my Imac or be on my laptop for a nomadic use.


No problem with the drivers that will be on pc and mac via the Ableton Live software. I used the 2 master output, 4 output effect send and track 4 comes into effect return, the latency is quite reasonable.


No care of installation and implementation, I have no need to open the manual.


I used the last eight months, for the time j am fully satisfied, a very good report quality price.
Only small downside the sound quality (which is good) is not worth my old sound card Apogge Duet (which is the same price with just two in and two out), but given the number between and output the fact that it is rack for the price, I do it again this choice without asking any question.