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User Review

This is serious - Reviews MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

I know Motu since the 80s without ever having invested in the equipment due to intense Protools ... I recently purchased a Motu 896mk3 Hybrid Used for 800 euros and there I realized that Motu is serious! Finally Mac PC mainly because they are not out of the woods!
Mac, a real treat ... with several types of use: Live recording of Jazz and other groups in theaters, with Logic Studio on two configurations: either with a 24-track analog console Soundcraft 500 1985 ... Not a breath of pet ... Up a potato ... That sound!, Either directly 16 tracks coupled with a preamp Presonus Digimax 8 channel ADAT Fs: Great musicianship, nothing to say
Quality preamps is the appointment system and overcomes the constraints of DSP effects rack wiring spaghetti! Clocks are good and sync without problem even without the cable being used as Wordsync optics with a short cable of 50 cm!


The drivers are super stable on both Mac USB Firewire that even with minimum latency. on the other hand PC when it was right to make a gaffe install correct CUE MIX THE REFUSE TO LAUNCH windows 7 and all eventually crash! surprising ... Normal ... So nothing new PC from Winblows 98 ...
Back in the world of the living, on Mac! Protools LE on 9 or 10 or Logic: Nickel, with a slight preference for Logic because with this Motu sounds almost as good as Protools HD and I know what I'm talking about ... (That said, this is just my opinion ...)
Well, at the note, the 9 is for the Mac because it is zero for Windows! .... Too bad, because with Samplitude ....


Mac no problem: we installed the latest driver and go, as it is written in aqueous manual. So at the PC, as I've said above, it installs clean and bang! it crashes all the sides and Motu is not even recognized most frequently (test with the same guaranteed result of my 3 PC audiovisual training center!) The implementation is very simple to have sound on I / O but the CueMix FX is not the most obvious to newcomers. Finally, as I have the Motu for about 1 month I'm sure things will get better with a little practice.
The manual is well and he tries to explain clearly the enormous possibilities of the system configuration.


I use it for about a month and a half. As I have always eaten there since Protools with all imaginable Digidesign interfaces and clocks often a little rock'n roll, this is a new world for me and very encouraging.
For now, the feature I like most is the small DSP that reminds me a bit TDM and especially musicality and power with a small card to 900 €!
Second small feature very fashionable and not least the possibility of an alternative USB at a time when the supply connection of portable Macs melting like snow in the sun!
A positive note just in passing: Save 24 tracks at once with Logic on my Macbook Pro 2008 on the internal drive as well with a latency of 32 samples for 3 hours without flinching, it's fun!
With my short experience on this system, I would do without this choice problem. Now go in 6 months when I'm in my 10th album recording live with Mix and Mastering and everything! ...