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User Review

robust .. and finally for PC! - Reviews MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

PC .. and yes because Apple has long been the exclusive platform for MOTU gear. But then we can say that the brand has finally turned to the Windows world ...
After I separated from my 01V, I was looking for a multi I / O converter, preferably with LED VU meters on the front panel and can connect a preamp with adat to add entries.

I use it with:
-Synths (DSI, Kurzweil, Emu Orbit3)
-1 Battery "pad"
Micro-singing and perceived
A Focusrite preamp-8 i / o adat connected and toilet.


Due to the use of the IEEE port or usb, stability is really related to computer config .. To win a USB port on my computer (almost all taken by other equipment), I have first tried to use the IEEE Port (new card PCIe Texas instrument). But that shit at times to restart!
So stay on the usb and it seems to hold the road.
As against the driver seems to have trouble managing sharing, I can not open the control panel of the MOTU when Cubase is démmarré ... (I had no pblm with my old card RME HDSP96)
Side latency, it should be around 15ms @ 88KHz. I will try to check ...


The interface was recognized immediately, but must be set in the Windows device after install (yes, I keep the sound on my computer for video editing needs are on the same machine.)
on the other hand I have restart several times, as if the system is needed in order MOTU / / of my other USB devices also ..

The config is pretty easy (even more obvious that the routing matrix proposed by RME!). I still qq question on monitoring .. the sound is super strong low enough according to that selected as listening ..

Very detailed manual on CueMix accompanying MOTU.


it's good 3 months now.
I had moult interfaces before it (Hoonetech Echo Layla24, Tascam FW Yam01v96vcm).

The +:
- 8 analog inputs, dual i / o adat for a preamp
- VU meter front
- Built-in effects
- Finishing the pro
The -:
- Firewire port unstable home
- The green LED at the preamp (which indicates an input is connected) are too bright! (Visually quite overwhelming when you hump the night ..)
- I would have preferred a real knob for volume rather than a notched knob

Good Q / P
I may redo this choice, otherwise it would be a RME