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User Review

Reliable and efficient - Reviews MOTU 8pre USB

Value For Money : Excellent
Its a USB 2.0 with 8 preamps and ADAT connectivity map. I use both sound card "master" in rack preamp connected to my 828mk3 ADAT. I turn on the PC, windows 7 64bit, 4GB RAM standard tower pentium dual-core


- Stable drivers, no crash report
- Rotates with FL Studio 9
- Track recording / playback: Full ...
- Latency: very low, no worry to have a headphone immediate return


- Card installed in 2 minutes flat
- Stable, no worries


I used 8pre in quite different conditions, recording and sound is super stable, nothing to say. The preamps are transparent, and gain calibration is regular. USB stability is impeccable, not a single crash since I got it. I think the argument of more stable "firewire" is now outdated, and this sound card is the physical evidence.
Also used in ADAT, coupled with my 828mk3 Hybrid is perfect for recording large formations or instruments requiring a large microphonics (eg batteries, bands, live bands ...); Again, perfect stability.
Short in the end I have nothing wrong with this sound card, it's all good and you can count on at all times!
Value / excellent price for a sound card that has 8 preamps and ADAT connectivity.