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User Review

It is good, but I would not purchase it again - Reviews MOTU MicroBook II

The MOTU Micro Book II is very small and compact. It works via USB with a computer and it is an 8 bus digital mixer as well. This mixer is plug and play, even the install is very quick and easy. Loading up the drivers is really the only thing that needs to be done and after that it will work in your DAW. I only used it on my MacBook Pro and used it a few times for some small projects in Garage Band. I have also used it with Ableton Live and it worked great. I didn’t install the software that came with it though because I didn’t feel the need to put it on my hard drive knowing that I wouldn’t need it. But for someone who is just starting out, it does come with software just in case you do not already have one.


The conversion on this unit is very good but there are some issues with using it in Garage Band when it comes to the phone output. There are a lot of users who have had this problem and for some reason it only happens on Macs. The playback and outputs are very clean even when at loud volumes. I used a pair of Alesis speakers to monitor with when I had this device and the speakers were not very expensive either but it sounded great.


This unit is very portable and small, I recommend it for the mobile producer/engineer or even the mobile DJ. There are ups and downs with it and it wouldn’t be my first choice in this price range if I had to do it all over again I would have purchased something else.


Also the customer support with it was not very good either, they didn’t seem to know what they were talking about. So if you are not good at working with interfaces like this one and do not want to trouble shoot I would stay away from it.