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User Review

Satisfactory - Reviews MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid

Value For Money : Excellent
I chose this interface for its excellent quality / price.

For a compact interface, it still has a number of inputs / outputs more than satisfactory and a lot of options are available. Note the ability to mount the 192KHz sampling.

I tested the firewire and USB. No differences of course but gained consciousness I would recommend firewire.
I use it mainly for listening, sound editing and occasionally Foley on Adam A5X.
It has happened to me to use it to record the stereo analog output table in a classical recording.


I would note a few stability problems. Is not at all a computer whiz, I do not know what is the fact that, listen, this interface abruptly stops sending sound. I just need to restart the file to get everything in order, but it is a difficult problem ...

I use many Pro Tools and Ableton. Who had never worked on large sessions, I have not yet seen the limits of the number of lanes. The recording quality is correct without being exceptional ...

The updates do not seem very common and has high latency but at that price, I do not expect much better.

CueMix FX software, however, is very pleasant to use and has many useful tools to analyze a mix.
The reverb embraquée is a great selling point for this interface. However, I use reverb convolusions and find them obviously superior to it. From an algorithmic point of view, I'm more a fan of the Lexicon and TC reverb that this will probably satisfy a musician but not a sound editor.

Level preamp, we are in an amateur but good registry for what it is. With little budget, I usually used with a NT2A Rode for voices and sound effects. The couple works well but sounds a little cold ...


Simple Installation and use.

Just plug and install the software and everything goes.

You just get used to press the knobs to access other functions of the card. Ultimately, not even need to read the manual.


I use it for 3 years and I have to say that despite some reservations about the stability of the beast, I'm pretty satisfied.

I find it superior to the MBox.

I especially like its modularity, the large number of inputs / outputs, good recording quality for the price and the CueMix FX software rather comprehensive and user-friendly as far as manipulating the mouse is not disconcerting.

For 500 €, I think it's proper case, but which calls for a future purchase more efficient as far as we seek something higher course.

I think I would do this choice if I was in the same financial conditions and with the same level of incompetence at the time of my purchase.
I think it fulfills its role card aspiring sound engineer but a greater mastery of the sound world calls for quick switching interfaces.

I intend to keep it and use it as analog / digital converter with a direct outs Revox table for a mobile control for the classic.