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User Review

Killing on a leg! - Reviews RME Audio Fireface UC

I recently migrated from RME and my only regret is not having done it before ...
I use it in my home studio (for config, see my profile).


The drivers are very stable with few updates.
In this case, it is useless when it works nickel.
Used with Nuendo 4, I record 44.1 128 samples with a latency of 5ms.
I can not go below that my machine bronchus but I do not see the interest.
Never had any crash reading draft 8-50 tracks simultaneously.


Relatively easy to install but I admit that I struggled a bit at first.
In fact, it was just press the button to switch between AP (Apple) to PC.
And there: magic! It installs in 2 minutes.
This is the same button that allows to review all inputs and outputs and control gains.
The easiest way is to go through the virtual console which is very well made and very easy to use.
None known to date for me.
The manual is comprehensive but only in English, which I have no real problems except for some technical terms.


I use it thoroughly for 1 month now. It's perfect.
I first had an EDIROL FA66 before migrating to the TC SK48. The latter (which I loved) dropped me at preamps. It is being repaired and I'll sell it back.
It is their severe caning! Killing on a leg!


- My first disappointment out of the packaging ... its size.
The half rack was a bit put off but it's not the size that matters and it is clear that the beast is solid and the finish is impeccable.
- Having spent 1 hour looking for how to install it on my PC to find the button AP / PC. The manual was not clear enough on this point.
- The variegated for MIDI: I would have preferred one entrance and a separate exit on the map but it's really personal.


- The pre amp of outstanding quality! I made a pie when I started to record with. It is clear, crisp and clear as with the TC, it goes immediately into the mix.
- A huge reserve of power gains either input or output.
- The console Total Mix: super easy to use and very clear. We have everything under the eyes without looking and you can route the output super easily.
- Value / Price: Well, at some point, you must know what you want.
There was a small card that rips and not rough seas ..

I think buying later version on my face baby moving so I conquered.