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User Review

Excellent sound card - Reviews RME Audio Fireface UC

Value For Money : Excellent
I chose RME converters for the quality, recorded by A / B comparisons in several studios and confirmed by many friends sound engineer. The number of inputs and outputs was ideal for my use in home studio (composition, arrangement, small mixes). I handle big projects but I recorded in my voice that. Also the quality of the conversion / money was unbeatable at the time (2010 ps I do not know how it has evolved since). No disappointment on that side, if we look better much more expensive.
I use a PC - Intel i5 - 4 GB RAM under Samplitude 11 Pro and Cubase 6.5. I do not use the preamp card but external preamps (Universal Audio).
I connected to a patch for all inputs and outputs on the front of my rack and I had to plug it into an outlet with a switch, of course, is the problem: there is no switch!


The drivers are highly stable, I never had a problem since almost 4 years of daily use. I've never been limited on the number of tracks during playback or recording, I said that I'm not working on music styles that require more, go say 70 tracks. But when there are 12 plug-ins per track, it is not because of the card that train: the CPU!


Installation is plug-and-play. The software interface to manage inputs and outputs is very comfortable, so mixer.
Never opened the manual, never met incompatibility.


I had another card before RME (Hammerfall DSP). The key for me is the quality of the conversion, I think I would not have found a better tool. But I can not judge the quality of the preamps that can obviously be important to some.
A very positive as the Fireface is the quality of its construction: a robustness.
So excellent quality / price ratio, and I recommend without hesitation.