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User Review

A baby indestructible - Reviews RME Audio Babyface

External USB sound card with a potential of 10 inputs - 12 outputs with 1 set of input - output digital optical ADAT or S / PDIF inputs and 2 - 4 analog outputs + 1 set of inputs - MIDI output can in most cases settle for only the USB connection to feed.


This is really a cute baby that we have here in our arms. Pace with Ferrari (without red damage ^ ^), this card is a winner. In fact indestructible metal, this card is great on the road as rails railway.

The pilot included TotalMix software mixing and routing that exploits DSP chips included in the map to ease up the computer's microprocessor. I tested it on a netbook (only input - output), and it works wonder.

It's just a pity that this card has two analog inputs - two more really should not luxury.


On both PC and Mac: impeccable. It's just a pity that the manual in French was not delivered in paper format. PDF only.


What I love:
- Super good sound
- Super TotalMix
- Super strong
- Super beautiful blue color
- Super Ferrari
- No external power needed, despite the presence of the power connector.

What I like least:
- Do only 2 analog inputs
- A little heavy
- A little bulky
- Almost all connectors on breakout cable
- This is not printed "Babyface" under the logo of EMR damage

Hat really there, Mr. RME.

Other variants of this model:
- RME Babyface Silver: The same but silver.
- RME Babyface Limited Snow Edition (1500 pieces were produced only): The same but with the breakout cable with RCA instead of XLR cable white. With white wires.
- RME Ladyface: The same but pink bombon
- Alva Nanoface: The same or almost without input - output ADAT (Dispose however, the input - output S / PDIF digital optical) but with one pair against additional input.