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[NAMM] RME Audio Fireface UCX Shipping

RME starts shipping the Fireface UCX, a 36-channel USB and FireWire solution for studio and live recordings.

It features the technologies introduced with the UFX, plus newly developed ones, into a half 19 inch housing.


Equipped with a new 2011 A/D and D/A converter design all I/Os operate at up to 192 kHz. The AD/DA conversion as an 114 dBA dynamic range on both record and playback. All analog I/Os use a converter design designed to reduce the overall latency of timing critical applications, in live situations, and in computer-based recording studios. The converter latency is set to be low (0.4 ms at 48 kHz), "turning analog digital monitoring into real analog-style monitoring," according to RME.


With the included optional Class Compliant mode the Fireface UCX works with Apple’s iPad and iPad 2, offering stereo up to 8 channel recording (tested with MultiTrack DAW and Music Studio), stereo playback up to 96 kHz 24 bit, microphone preamps with EQ, dynamics, balanced line outputs, a headphone output and a Sysex-capable double MID I/O port.


The Fireface UCX integrates a newly developed pro audio X-Core, supporting USB and FireWire, combined with tRME drivers on both bus protocols.


More features:

  • TotalMix FX with DSP-driven effects engine from the Fireface UFX, including all effects up to 192 kHz.
  • Two mic preamps with the technology from RME's Micstasy and UFX, including AutoSet overload protection.
  • Included Monitoring Controller: A combination of the TotalMix FX monitoring tool set and the included remote control.
  • Support for RME's Advanced Remote Control, active jitter suppression technology, reference level support, stand-alone functionality, 192 kHz operation, and two high speed MIDI I/Os.


Check out for more details.