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User Review

julien.stazma's review - RME Audio Fireface UCX

I use this soundcard as the core of my home studio where I produce my music and mix and master songs for other people.
I also use it as MIDI interface for my synths, an also to record them with Live.
I use Live 9 to produce my music and Reaper for mixing and mastering and this card works fine in any situation with my two workstations.

I chose it specially for TotalMix FX, which allows you to do complex routings and access a very good EQ and compressor without using the PC's processor.


Very stable drivers, both with Live and Reaper. The overall latency of 7ms is imperceptible (for example, playing a guitar plugged directly into the card and using headphones to not disturb the neighbors, hahaha).


Very easy installation, as well as the overall setup, no incompatibilities. The TotalMix software might make you scratch your head in the beginning, but you'll get it fast enough.


I have been using it for a bit over a year now (I used to have an FA-66, a Native Instrument Audio Kontrol, which I still use live because it's super sturdy, and also a MultiMix 8) and it is perfect for all my needs, besides having an excellent performance (compared to the other soundcards I mentioned, the difference in terms of audio quality is flagrant).

TotalMix FX is a big plus due to its routing prowess and its quality DSPs.

It's not cheap, but you know what you are getting.