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User Review

A machine that meets all my needs and more ... - Reviews RME Audio Fireface UFX

A clear answer: its USB 2.0 connection

I previously used the Fireface 800 that gave me any satisfaction, apart from the issue of Firewire connection. This type of connection is endangered, and a good part of my work consisting of capatations Live disability that did not become more severe: almost no laptops equipped with Firewire, or even expansion slot for express card R34, I struggled to find a correct card and MSI LaCie, this set represents undoubtedly the weakest link in the chain. The USB 2.0 connection solves all

I use the 'UFX with a custom made preamp CRS 8 input table or sometimes Sonosax to 8 channels. 4 mic inputs of the UFX are efficient and seamless integration with other channels ... all line outputs from mixers are pluggées on the rear of the UFX and 12 analogue channels are stored on the sequencer Samplitude.
The PC is recording an MSI with 8GB Ram I running W7-64, audio streams are recorded on HDD Seagate 1TB connected via a USB 2.0 output.

The PC studio also run under W7-64 with an I7 and a Gigabyte motherboard with X58 chipset and 18GB of RAM.

Rating for this item: 9/10


The drivers are extremely stable, the site provides all RME SHIFT timely. So far, I am limited to 18 tracks in 24/88 without any difficulty.
Latency of 7 ms with a buffer size of 256 MB

I've never seen crackling, noise or other interference in relation to the size of the buffer. For projects exceeding 8 tracks, I wear the buffer size to 512MB by prudence, no more.

Rating for this item: 10/10


The installation is done "like a breeze" ... In my case, I downloaded the RME website the latest drivers and firmware and everything went without difficulty anicroches.Aucune installation or incompatibility.

However, we regret a certain lack of intuitiveness in TotalMix FX: read a user manual is always useful, but here it is really necessary. And even after six weeks of intensive use, I would not swear that I master all the possibilities, huge it is true, TotalMix ..!

One difficulty comes from the interaction of the channel configuration between the sequencer software and TotalMix FX: you really think about what you are doing.

As the manual (English version / German AND French version) is very good, but I would say longer limited to a detailed statement of possibilities rather than a guide "Hands On" which would be useful for decision hand. However, for a good commentary on the connection to use for connections balanced / unbalanced: a wiring error and harmonic distortion increases significantly.

I would say a convenient summary and schematic commands as a card or flyer would be welcome!

Rating for this item: 7/10


I use the UFX for about 7 weeks. Before that, I worked daily with the RME Fireface 800 with great satisfaction and I have not tried other brands before deciding.

The +: quality converters

The - the price ... but the quality is paid and price / quality ratio is excellent.

With experience, you do again this choice?: Yes, certainly

Rating for this item: 9/10