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User Review

Kal's review - Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

I do fast on the specifications that have been well documented on previous reviews, I'm going to focus on the points that I decided when purchasing:

- 8 preamps true independently configurable: gain, phantom power (switchable independently for each channel), 2 configurable inputs to go high impedance guitar / bass, 2 inputs (7 and 8) with more "headroom" is ie level cashable before digital clipping signal (for recording sources of high dynamic understanding snare and bass drum).

- 8 analog outputs configurable outputs lines via the DAW or live monitoring saves the CPU (practical to return the desired signal to the headphone of a musician you are recording, make reamping in good condition etc).

- 2 digital inputs to recover the signal of another digital map increasing the total number of entries to 10, and 2 outputs on the same principle.

- USB 2 Interface

- Asio Drivers

- "Auto sense" function adjusts the gain of the preamp depending on the source, very convenient recording.

I use it on a desktop PC Intel Quad Core on Windows 7 with Sonar Producer and on a laptop Intel dual Core in Windows 8 (yuck) with Sonar LE.

For the group recording: battery, mutli instruments, guitars, vocals ... I used with all types of microphones: dynamic, static, tape.

Small point because I also use the Quad Capture: Octa is screen printed "Made in Japan" and the quad "Made in China", I do not know if that changes anything, at least finish the Octa is clearly more than the mastoc Quad.

Only downside to the hardware of the Octa appearance: the front is a bit ill-fitting and moves a little, when you connect XLR front is seen to move, to use in my opinion carefully to avoid surprises in the long term.
The back side is it in a tougher part of the chassis, so I prefer to connect my mic on this one when I have a choice.


Installation on my fixed config was done without problem.

The installation on my laptop config is done without problem (I just had to download the drivers for windows 8 on the site of Roland, it was done quickly and easily, in half an hour I was ready to Register).

I have no idea of ​​the exact latency, but in many different configurations I had no problem with that: drummer plays with instruments and controls, guitarists, singers ...


Installation and configuration are always made quickly, no incompatibility problems (I also selected because I work in Sonar which at the time of my purchase was in the lap of Roland).

The manual is not always super clear, the main problem being that the interface of the card has been updated since, so the organization of menus and features are different from those of the manual, so you have to search a little on the canvas and it is not always on top.


I use it for 6 months I saved up to 8 simultaneous channels of I and a dozen tracks simultaneous playback on my laptop config Intel i5 light, 4GB Ram, 5400 rev / min and using the Sonar comes with (I have not reinstalled my X1 producer my confic fixed on the laptop).

I had no problems, she did her job and has to be forgotten, the preamps are transparent, the front-panel headphone and the possibility to transfer the main output (in general monitoring speakers) output to leave the headphone facilitates daily life, as well as the volume knob added to these outputs.

The only product that makes a serious competition to this card in this price range in my opinion is the Focusrite (it seems that the preamps are a bit worse) for the rest of this card is in my opinion an excellent product.

I am absolutely delighted with this product, if I had to make a choice with this budget, no hesitation, I would resume the Octa Capture.