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User Review

At last I can make music - Reviews Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture

Having already had many quality soundcards, I hesitated between this one and an RME Fireface, which I compared it to.
I have a computer music setup, no mixer, and use a hackintosh (I7 3.5GHz + 32Gb ram, OSX 10.6.8) with Logic pro 9.
I record guitars and vocals mainly.
I chose the octa-capture due to its price and, especially, because it features 8 quality preamps, which allows me to also use it to play with my friends without having to add a mixer.


It will soon be 4 years since I've been using it and I have never had the slightest issue.
Given that, I think I made the right decision.
Stable driver, I haven't measured the latency, I work with 128 samples under Logic.


To be honest, it's so transparent that I have forgotten I have a soundcard.
Even the compressor included is transparent. I leave the default settings for every take, there's no need for more. The auto-gain is an awesome feature.
I plug in my guitar, press auto-gain, I play a bit, press again auto-gain and voilà, I'm done with the settings and I can start recording.


I won't say that this card is better than the RME, but it's not far from it.
I sold my Apogee Duet and TC konnekt.
I didn't get any better takes with the Fireface RME.
I haven't had any interest in soundcards for 3 years, although I used to know them all before.
An AF member, Jeezo, recommended me this card.
In short, it's a great soundcard that goes unnoticed so you can concentrate on the music. What else can you ask for?