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User Review

Stylish!! - Reviews Steinberg CI2

The Steinberg CI2 is a USB audio interface that has a different look to it. It is probably one of the more stylish portable interfaces that I have ever seen. This interface connects to my laptop via USB connection and it is ready to work with Cubase AI. It can be used on a Mac or a PC with almost any Mac OSX and Windows XP or Windows Vista. The mic preamps in the CI2 are very good; they have 48 volt phantom power and no matter where you use this interface at you can get some really good quality recordings with some of the most awkward recording environments.


Setting this interface up was quick and easy, after you install the drivers your Cubase will be ready to find this interface. The AI knob on this interface is the highlight feature about it. It will work with your standard computer mouse to bring the flexibility any user on any skill level could ever need.


Outside of the sound you can get when recording with this interface, I really do love the look of it. It is a two tone color being Grey on one side and “off white” on the other side where the AI wheel is. All of the knobs/wheel seemed to be very well made. This is the type of interface I love to have around when I am on the go with my laptop because it just looks so nice when I pull it out and others see it. It really doesn’t even look like an interface at all.


This interface takes up virtually no space at all and it looks and sounds great. There is nothing to lose with this interface. The CI2 is probably the piece of equipment that I take with me almost everywhere now because it has never let me down. It can work with Mac’s and PC’s and it is plug and play ready. It even comes with some good FX’s and Plug ins through Cubase. This is great for beginners and Cubase vets!