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User Review

Satisfied with the result - Reviews Steinberg UR22

The main technical feature that motivated my choice is the low latency announced, but the 48v supply.
This low latency is checked to use.
The reviews I read on this card have (including AF) have confirmed my choice.
The relatively low price is also a strong point, especially since the card comes with AE version of Cubase 7.5.
I personally goes through a pre-amp SANSAMP PRA DRIVER before attacking the card, with a bypass channel used (to record clear sound) and the other channel from the preamp.


The drivers are stable.
I use the UR-22 to make guitar and bass taken via Cubase.
The number of available runway is more than enough to record demos, I have not yet seen the end.
As said above, the latency is imperceptible. I work on PC (quad core 3.6 GHz - RAM-16M Windows 7 64-bit - a SSD support program - internal sound card 24-bit 92 kHz)


The installation was done without difficulty. Setup is quick, just follow the user manual, and voila.
Manual, reduced to its simplest expression, is sufficiently explicit.


I regularly use the UR-22 for close to 6 months. My only regret is not directly related to the product but in my choice of base is taking a 22 (2 entries). if it again, I would opt for a UR-44 with 4 inputs, which allow me to work simultaneously with another musician in the same conditions miking.