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User Review

Worked really well - Then died.... - Reviews Steinberg UR22

UR 22 Steinberg/YAMAHA
Read all the posts and reviews and found value of money with recording quality
Ran very well with Cuebase and Audacity. Perfect sound zero detectable noise on Vox and instruments


Drivers and performance is good...


All software is great - Hardware failure!


When it worked it was great!
Updated drivers as soon as we installed unit. After 3 weeks went to record and unit was 'not there' Checking power noticed red LED's were on (around half brightness) but both gains were zero....huh?
Tested alternative USB leads (2) Connected to another Windows 7 system...Not detecting. Also White LED (power/USB connect) flashing around 1 second pulses... Turned on phantom power... All lights glow... Turn Phantom power off - Gain lights on white LED flashing. Re-installed drivers. Even did a system restore...(getting stupid here)
Sent back to store.....Waiting (which is not like recording !!!)