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Steinberg UR 28M - Reviews Steinberg UR28M

Useful pc-intel-core i7. windows 7 64bit
-The possibility to record and mix in 96 Khz/24bit
-Mainly to work on my house mix recorded in studio on RME.
-I uses a mico pramp Hearing on the branch between SPDIF
-A pair of 40 cm and focal KRK V6

"I recorded in the studio for several years, I do a lot of mastering, live a little and a lot of productions studios. and musician for 19 years, so I'm not a novice in the field.


RAS drivers stable, working on Nuendo 4
Extra low latency monitoring of the DAW.
Virtual Console and DSP effects (reverb + eq + comp) trs of good quality
pramps trs correct

INTERESTED thing in terms of latency, the map changes it even buffer size when the project starts be a little too heavy for the machine. soon the cracks and possible crashes.


has to be my 10 th sound card, I will change as shirts, now working mostly in the studio I only need a small interface quality practice on my desk with my monitor .
I had, Motu, esi, m-audio, M-box, Echo Audiofire 12, yamaha N12 ... And I forget!
Every time I bought an interface but as necessary. The format of the UR28 is ideal if you do not want the hassle of a mixer or a Controller to monitor / headphones, it is for a
Cot's, say anything, good converters, pramps also in this price range trs well.

In its quality it is within the range of Tc electronics, Echo, Motu, Avid Mbox, yamaha N8-12

As tjs before buying an interface, tudiez your needs. Do not waste your money on an RME UFX if it's just to save models in your room, you will not hear the diffrence on your ipod.


Unlike what is said in the "article". The three output pairs are indpendantes, in the virtual console you can choose to put the output in indpendant or alternate. (See section MDIA / images). You can see (screen shots) that it is possible to have a volume on 3 DIFFERENT output and usable simultanment. Practice for live or studio for a mix in the headphones back diffrent musicians.
The card is also used in "standalone" without computer, make your mix with your computer, unplug the card and keeps rglages DSP effects (such as a motu ultralite). Not bad for a crash landing of a computer live example. or use it repeated as channel strip / preamp.

The point ngatif! Not least for users of Cubase (Nuendo I use personal, not the problem) it is impossible to use the mix of the virtual console, at the same time as cubase! Basically when you plug your guitar and microphone, you get a mix with the console of the map using the reverb eq and comp (frankly much more), but you start cubase, pof! addition to the console is in your gray so you have to use the monitor directly on the track in Cubase. and therefore the latency of the computer. (Almost zero I grant you, except when to run a piece with more than 30 tracks and a craps plugin resource intensive).

To overcome this (eg Describes in the "article") you will find the effects in the console cubase. just useful to save the dsp effects in between. Anyway as I said I use Nuendo, so I do not have that problem.

In the type "Desktop" this card is think of good converters, trs pramps well for a sound card in this price range, good quip in between terminals,
we regret may be what does not work without external power for those who move a lot with their laptop.
But for me working on my house mixing it suits me perfectly.

If you have any questions before you buy Do not hesitate to ask me to be a pleasure