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User Review

RAS is pro and cheap. - Reviews Steinberg UR44

6 inputs: 2 Neutrik combo XLR / TRS mic / Hi-Z with peak indicator inputs 1 and 2 + 2 Neutrik combo XLR / TRS mic / line with peak indicator for inputs 3 and 4 +
2 analog TRS inputs on the back for inputs 3 and 4.

Phantom independently adjustable inputs 1 & 2 or 3 & 4.

2 headphone outputs on the front panel.

1 input and 1 output noon.

6 TRS analog outputs.

Power switch.

24-bit/192kHz max.

all in a half-rack size transportable very well built.

the power supply is small, it adds a + not negligible for the portable side, seen what can weigh heavy but it is very solid, I personally love, coupled with a ultrabook that's just in the 3 kilos carry, this is cool I think.


Stable hyper Driver (Yamaha) on Ableton Live 9, the computer does not crash ever, sampling frequency change during playback It was always works, it's reassuring.


Trouble-free installation on Windows 7 has nothing to report this is perfect. I use whatever the frequency (44.1 to 192 kHz) minimum buffer asio and it not crash.


I leave a Focusrite Forte has excellent mic preamp, but 'was not stable on Windows 7 and had no MIDI and just the ability to record 2 input at the same time I sold to buy steinberg I'm really not a shield! Instead I'm even surprised value for money bought € 279 in promo (I've even seen thereafter to 249 €!) Anyway I would recommend this course is stable, very good recording quality, pre ample amp for studio use or mobile homes.

I do not usually put 10 everywhere but here I must confess that I have nothing negative to say at the moment and my config Windows 7 core i7-3610QM is perfect for me