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User Review

Very good choice - Reviews Steinberg UR824

Steinberg is a company with a long history in the music market so I was interested in their products.
It's a very good interface, the preamps and converters are good. But if you buy this product it means you demand quality and you have surely a channel strip or an external preamp to have quality recordings.

I use it with W8.1 (which isn't the best for computer music, in my opinion) 16gb RAM, i7n 256ssd 1tb DD


The drivers are stable, I use it with cubase 7.5, I got the pack! It's great
It has a good latency, it can take up to 20 tracks with lots of plug-ins and VSTIs (I can make the CPU burn), but it doesn't complain. I usually work at 48kHz/24 bits.


It works fine with Cubase, FL, Reaper, it's pretty sturdy. It doesn't produce any noise as a DI or with dynamic mics. I think it's a crime to use the internal preamps for a condenser mic, because you'll never get a decent sound. You'll need an external preamp, like with all other interfaces!


It's the best option at this price point, together with the saffir (I have heard pretty good things about it)! If you like cubase there's no point in thinking it twice.. You'll have a solid audio chain, you'll only need a preamp that costs twice as much ;) LOL