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User Review

VERY EASY TO USE USB MICROPHONE with good sound quality - Reviews Blue Microphones Spark Digital

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
The Blue Spark Digital is truly a plug and play interface. No fiddling with configurations, settings. Plug it in and choose it for the input device. The recording is a bit on the brittle, thin side. The volume on this was extremely low. Had to turn everything all the way up. Still, the sound was still pretty good. I think that you would really hear the thin/tinnie sound build up after recording a few multiple tracks. I couldn't get much depth to the sound and multi-tracking tended to emphasize the brittle(?) sound.
For a single recording it did a very good job of capturing the guitar and vocals. I could see this mic would be of benefit for voice over, DJ, or pod-casting because of the ease of setup with the sound quality and the portability.

I did a video comparison with the Blue Spark Digital alongside a Rode NT1a using the Zoom R-16 interface.
You can see the video review I posted