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User Review

agnam624's review - Blue Microphones YETI

Value For Money : Excellent
The mic is cardioid, stereo, omni, and figure-8. Due to its versatility, it can be used to record vocals or instruments and even for post-production (overdubs, sound effects) and broadcasting (podcasts, interviews).


I've had the mic for a little over a week. Before this Blue USB mic I had an Apex440. What bothered me about it is that it didn't have a high enough signal-to-noise ratio nor the right sensitivity to capture my voice. So I had to incessantly increase the volume recorded and then reduce the background noise, otherwise it would've been very unpleasant for my viewers on Youtube. I saw the "Blue Yeti microphone," which was recommended several times on Youtube by major video game Youtubers, so I went for it. What I like best about it is its very good sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio to record my voice when I'm commenting my videos because I don't have to adjust the gain on the mic (gain set to zero). The only downside is that if you are a hard-rock or metal singer in a room with lots of reverb, this mic isn't for you. Otherwise I recommend it without hesitation and I would definitely buy it again if I have a second life!