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User Review

KirKill's review - Gibson Explorer '76 Reissue

Explore natural color by Gibson made in U.S.
Mahogany body
Glued Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard 22 frets profile mix 50/60
Mechanical mini groover
Bridge tune-o-matic
2 volume 1 tone
Gibson 500T and 496R Micro as the Flying V
Comes with case
The fact that it is natural color casts in grave on the other hand it is clear that the body is in 3 parts ...


Mesa Boogie Mark V, High Gain channel


Already good mics (500 and 496) garbage ... after all depends on what you want to do, to blues, hard rock ... I already have guitars that fill these roles very well ... suddenly I turned the microphones for replaced with EMG 81 and 60 in addition to back bacon as Uncle Hetfield and both say that I am not at all disappointed with the result, it is no use skyscraper me to do big sound that is bold and precise cutting everything I wanted ... Metallica is the appointment, the essence of the mahogany adds an extra dimension to the body Alder much drier
I also tested the combination with Seth Lover Duncan pickups used among others by Joe Perry and both say that it sounds good it was a super versatile guitar with a warm vintage sound, although I prefer the Les Paul in this role which is well above


at its output it was worth € 1600 I bought mine to 1000 € occasion, coupling with EMG changed the sound turn the guitar for me it sounds like hell ... after the basic config with the 500T and 496R there is a matter of taste ...
To put it simply those looking for a guitar customized by Metal mode with no error after Explorer for blues, hard rock ... I never thought to take an Explorer in the register after that is a matter of custom ...