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User Review

simply THE guitar! - Reviews Lâg Phil Campbell S1000PC

then it is a koréene
he is a tune o matic bridge a
24 frets
handle fairly fine but not the c jackson or ibanez nan more (and thankfully)
the pickups are Seymour Duncan TB4 bridge and SH1 in the neck
a volume and a 3 position toggle
ebony button
basswood body maple table
Maple neck
repere trapeze
perfect if it is only binding pitit handle would have been perfect but I quibble
bolt on neck (as the one set neck would have been preferable but hey phil .. c who decides and his word is sacred!)
and yes .. provided in a beautiful box crocodile!


the handle is super nice
the varnish is dull and it's super pleasant because the hand does not catch
24 cases so many possibilities
form even if it remains "gibsonniene" is very ergonomic
that the lower horn is thinner and allows access to sharp acute easier and I find that the general form has more mouth than the original gibson (this is a very personal opinion)
weight is very correct (this is not what a les paul ..)
the sound of live violin making very good quality painting and table are beautiful flamed
have not felt avir a skyscraper at 800 € in the legs
ca is plutots at ranges to 2000 €. it is very good agreement too!
but hey is not that the aesthetic must be sound and also the c or I'm getting ...


then its good ...
I currently play in a group of DEATH METAL.
I toujour preferé guitars called the old school super eternal form stratabound with floyd rose and emg for this type of music.
I am a mega fan of motorhead since my childhood
So I thought .... go testing ca
So I was received in MI
plugged into a Laboga Mr Hector and a Marshall JCM 800 1987

for cleans in MI:
this is not my area of ​​predilection ...
So for me the clean are very hot right or slamming under the microphones ... I brief dwell on it because no c not my thing ...

for crunches in MI:
then the JCM was happy!
the guitar has a warm and punchy crunch has both
the neck pickup is a treat for the bluesy sound and microphones easel and is pretty sharp and aggressive

for distos in MI:
the c 'was the turn of Laboga to be happy
the microphone stand is an absolute pleasure it is accurate but keeps himself sharp and bold side at a time
the microphone handle is a little behind but nothing serious yet
against by the sonnorité brings back a lot of acute predict therefore a little lower the amp's EQ

I then put in my 0.74 strings luthier for a acordage in SI (I love the strings very hard)
The run was set point and it supports strong tensions

I pass the test for scratches and given in SI disto

So I had already pure as the Seymours do not follow the tuning as low comparré has an EMG ....
bah I'm well planted
AC is accurate, the sound is defined and mega dynamic is pretty amazing
I attack as much as possible and go pretty high tempos and ca ca is not drooling right and it's really great
the neck pickup still loses a little precision and definition
and this still remains acute

So c not because it's a guitar hardeux it can not send the puree!


I use the guitar for 1 year already!
I had a lot of hand between the model: Dean, Ibanez, Vigier, gibson, jackson ...
but this one my delight of his first test!

what I like most about this grate:
already signing phil because here is .. STONE DEAF FOREVER!
very dynamic mics
the form
the box
what I like least:

value for money is the ultimate and I recommend you go there with eyes closed
I would do this choice rather than two times since I'm going to buy a second ... see me to make a CS

here I hope it was helpful!