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User Review

Just great! - Reviews XLN Audio Addictive Keys

Purchased for five days, this piano is that I was expecting. For reasonable price, it sounds fabulous. As well tell you right now I'm not a purist at all and knowing it takes X GB hard drive to install the piano leaves me unmoved. I'm just able to say whether I like it or not and then I like it!

While competition is large. At the sound, in the course of boxing and other pianoteqv4 synthology. Yet the size of the sample does not pay the bid and the loading time is fast. In this case, there are simple ideas that I like. I love the name eg presets and categorization. There are three categories: Producer (finding a sound for a mix), As Recorded (for the purists and pianists who want a clear sound) and and Explorer (for DIYers). There is no need to navigate between Steinways, the bosendorfers the faziolis, since there just a steinway sampled which has been changed position mics, no variety, but efficiency. Just read the title, listen to the sample piano and you know what to choose. Classic, Ballad, Jazz, Pop ...

To give 'her' a mix that works like clockwork. Be careful though, Addicitive Key is a virtual piano and 8ms latency on my PC (admittedly not the latest) means. It is unpleasant monitor, then to a sound recording or for live better stay on the 'hardware'.

In any case, congratulations to XLN! It brings a little freshness in this category virtual instrument and the introductory price of 50 € is just low enough to not create dilemma.