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8dio Adagio Cellos Vol 1

8Dio has announced that they will be releasing Adagio Cellos in the coming weeks, a new library for Kontakt(4.2+).

Adagio Cellos contains three main ensemble sizes:

  1. Full Ensemble Cellos (6).
  2. Chamber/Divisi Cellos (3).
  3. Solo Cello (1).


The three cello groups were deep-sampled and recorded in a church environment with three different microphone positions (close, far, mixed). 8Dio employed various current generation sampling techniques (e.g. true legato, deep sampled repetitions, etc).



  • Orchestral Cellos.
  • 10 Recorded Legato Types.
  • True Ensemble (6). True Divisi (3). True Solo Cello (1).
  • Legato with Round Robin (aka repetition).
  • Legato connected with Loure (note reps) and Dynamic Bowings.
  • Sampled in Rich Church Location.
  • 3 Mic Positions: Far, Combo, Mixed (5.1 compatible).
  • Requires Full Retail Version of Kontakt 4.2 and/or Kontakt 5.
  • Size: +20GB (lossless compression from 50GB).

Pricing & Availability:

Pre-Order Price: $399 (goes $499 on1/1/2013).

Check out for more information, demos, videos and offers.