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Best Service releases Emotional Cello

Best Service keeps on launching the new sound collections they introduced at Winter NAMM. You can now purchase Emotional Cello.

Emotional Cello, unlike other banks offered by Best Service, is designed for use with Kontakt 5 and the Kontakt 5 Player (versions 5.5 and later). The collection was developed in partnership with Harmonic Subtones and is intended for composers who wish to add an emotional touch to their creations, such as soundtracks, classical music, pop productions and more.

To design the library, the team recorded the instrument at the Mastermix Studio in Germany with two Neumann KM184 and U47 microphones in closed position. It results a sample library with a wide variety of articulations and unusual techniques, such as sul ponticello, flageolet legato, morbid sustain, ricochet, spilegno, rota spiccato, plectrum pizzicato and Renaissance sounds. Harmonic Subtones also developed intelligent scrips to obtain 16 play-styles and true legato.

The custom interface for Kontakt includes a convolution reverb, saturation, EQ, room and timbre controls, as well as 50 patches, each with a single articulation and up to 8 round robins, so you won’t need to use keyswitches when arranging your tracks.

Emotional Piano is available for 259 € at