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User Review

report poor quality / high price ... - Reviews Toontrack EZdrummer

simple installation if you have an internet connection on the machine computer music, fast and simple config, no conflict for me, I never needed the manual. 6 only because of the internet.


I have a very good PC, configured and assembled only for computer music. Stable config. ez drummer works fine without pulling the machine performance, low fuel consumption software (normal, it is also an inefficient software), no crash or problem for more than a year of use. I put that right, because it is still the minimum a basic software works correctly.


I need a software allowing me to quickly set a draft workable rhythm track through composting or remix. use for this mission is almost filled, if you buy extensions for MIDI because MIDI files supplied as standard with the software, and although you can program yourself without any difficulty. if you want something a little more realistic and usable you must go through the buying noon pack which had relatively well damn (intro, verse, chorus, bridge ...), and probably played by real drummers . on the other hand of that one advance in understanding, it appears that the drum kit supplied as standard or even those you buy are more difficult (or impossible) to mix, they take up too much space with a dynamic reduced. So you say "okay, I have a midi track, I'll put it another VST with better sound (kontakt in my case.) and it goes bad, because the drum map and specific ez drummer and at first you will repeat your entire midi track to reallocate good notes to sound good ... then the second problem, the management of velocities ... As there is little layer velocities in ez drummer (3 four by I think, no more), the velocities are either very high or very low, with no shade ... and therefore publishing all velocities for a result that begins to be really usable and beyond the draft stage sound ... As I use Cubase and I'm a fan of the logic editor, these phases can go relatively quickly for me, but with another DAW I think it must be a sacred galley. ..
Overall, the purchase price mentioned above understand buying ez drummer, two additional kit and eight packs noon. € 486 it's a little expensive for a software that allows to drafts with his very average and requires a very great deal of editing to achieve a just usable result.
So sad and average product trade policy ... I continue to use it because I get all the same to have an acceptable worckflow with, but only because of the advanced features cubase MIDI and because long ago I learned to program a drum track.
Needless to say I will never do it again this choice, and I do not buy anything from Toontrack. I always look for a replacement groove agent 1 and 2 (the older versions) that I loved. otherwise in a purely electronic register you have the Arturia Spark, huge grooves and sounds terrible ...