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User Review

The idea of ​​fishing in the realization ... - Reviews XLN Audio Modern Jazz - Brushes

The installation is very simple, especially since XLN has its super installer that handles everything once you are logged. I never consulted the manual, if there is one, since it is an add-on for Addictive Drummer and I know pretty well it.


I'm running on a Core i7 with 16GB of RAM, but it was going very well on a smaller config. In short, the bank is far from being greedy.


I use it for two years now and it is almost the bank had bought me Addictive at the base because it is the only one where you can find brushes rubbed really slow (50 BPM), as the brushes are generated from a form of synthesis and are not samples frozen in a tempo. This is clearly the highlight of soft seen no competitor was interested in the problem, and as usual with XLN, it comes with a nice little collection of MIDI files.

However, at length, I am not happy with the sound of brushes: it lacks fat, grain, heat and despite treatment embedded in Addictive, it is almost impossible to change their sound. I am still that XLN bring its technology to date, or a competitor looks really rubbed brushes. And during that time, I tinker as I can with loops or REX acidified found to the right or left (Brush Artistry Jazz Trap Kit, Drum Tools, etc..). It does me little delights as most banks have obsessed brooms or brushes struck by or complicated by jazz, but this is the only solution that I found.