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Cool portable solution (IK Multimedia - Amplitube 2 for iPad)

By Hatsubai, 24/06/2011
This is basically the same thing as the iPhone and iPod Touch versions. IK Multimedia has tapped into Apple's highest selling devices in order to create a cool touch screen guitar modeler. That said, it's not the best thing in the world. There are no compatibility issues since it's all made for the Apple stuff and can be bought via the iTunes store. I never read the manual, so I can't comment on that. It's extremely easy to setup and go. In fact, I like it better than the normal PC version, but there are a few issues at times when it comes to the touch screen. The biggest thing is that you need some sort of special cable to connect it to the iPad or whatever i device you may have. If you don't have that cable, you can't use this software.

The program would sometimes crash randomly. You can tell because it would suddenly go back to the home screen, and when you tap on the icon again, you would be brought back to the beginning. This lead to many presets that were deleted when in the middle of creating them. I can't tell you about performance because I wasn't monitoring anything with the iPad when I was doing it. The speakers in the iPad suck, so you're not going to get the best sound with this thing. On top of that, the modelers themselves don't sound all that wonderful. It's definitely more of a novelty thing than a practical purpose modeler such as the Axe-Fx.

While it may be cool for awhile to have this modeler in your iPad, it' s really not that great sounding. It can work for a portable jam station, but aside from that, it's pretty un-inspirational. The speakers built into the iPad suck, so you're not going to get a good built-in sound, and the special cable you gotta drag with you is a pain. I'd rather just load up a better modeler on my PC than deal with this.

strange (Moog Music - Filtatron)

By emm-49, 12/07/2014
The moog filtatron fonctiionne as well on ipad and iphone.C is a hybrid app (both effect processor and synthesizer). it is able to use samples and record performances. it is compatible audiobus.
I got 0 € (promo on iTunes)
Excellent sound for trituration.

Usability enough simple.appli very stable. Small problem: the rest app in portrait mode on iPad (does not go into landscape mode)
Very few updates. Ultra summary documentation. everything is designed to let the user experience.

Unique sounds justifying the use of this app. The settings are quite simple and enable a wide array of sounds.

I use very occasionally. I love this unique sound and all possible hacks. At the moment I have more difficulties to integrate in my tracks.
has 0 €: to take again!

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20% off IK Multimedia Android app/in-app purchases

Published on 04/25/16
IK Multimedia currently offers 20% off AmpliTube UA & AmpliTube for Samsung Pro Audio in-app bundles and in-app purchases in Riff Maestro.

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