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User Review

stunning realism - Reviews Prominy SC Electric Guitar

Value For Money : Excellent
-The installation is done it without problems?
Apart from normal long time to load the sound library on the computer, there was no problem

-Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

-The manual is clear and sufficient?
I had a hard time figuring out how the controller mod wheel (very important to change the game mode palm mute) but it also comes from my knowledge of logic. Otherwise, (I'll borrow a phrase read on the net) the memorandum explains that SC can be electric, but not how.

I put 8 for just this note and for months I've spent a f. .. u get that automation, without being able to complete my compositions.


config: iMac, 2.4 Ghz intelcore 2 duo, 2G ram 800Hz, Mac OS 10.5.8, Tascam US-428

I rode a three guitar tracks, the 3 with the demo version of Guitar Rig, a dozen audio and software instruments 5. C very stable. I have not tried to push to its limits.
on the other hand, and I want to change a parameter (a reverb for example) while playing, it's too small for my imac but hey, my config is really the minimum to have this app.


-How long have you use it?
6 months

-What is so special that you like best?
The extreme realism of the samples already, we can easily recognize the sound of the stratocaster, c really good job. then the realism of the game, with the palm mute slide hammer pull off artificial harmonic natural ......... etc etc and a little time for programming, the result is close to the perfect.

-What is so special that you like the least?
I made a lot of Metal (symphonic and heavy technical death) and the major weakness is when I get the program back to palm mute on the 6th string (low E): c catastrophic, because of that, it appears totally this idea of ​​realism. I have yet to find a solution but I think it is necessary that I insert a soft to change the attack of the notes. On the other strings, c much more realistic.

Another point, the samples do not go the 21's boxes on the first string. It is true that the stratosphere has only 21 boxes but hey, some of my components have a go at 22 boxes often enough and it is possible that by using the pitch bend.

-Have you tried many other models before buying it?
is the first

-How do you price / quality ratio?

How would you rate the quality / price?
"I took the sc model electric guitar kontakt because it came with. I learned later that kontakt 4 is free. So if it again, I would try the model can be "les paul". But apart from this hesitation between the two banks, yes I do it again this choice with his eyes closed