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User Review

freeware, must download - Reviews Andreas Ersson LazySnake [Freeware]

The Andreas Ersson Lazy Snake is a freeware vst plug in that takes a few seconds to download and install. I was so happy that it was free and easy to install. I was actually surprised with how good it sounds and how small of a file it actually was. You can just download the zip file then unzip it and put in it your vst plugin folder on your computer then you can use it in almost any sequencing program or daw and on every operating system platform (from what I have experienced there are no limitations between pc or windows computers, it has worked great for me in all aspects on each system). Some of the cool features are the Wah Wah and Tremolo, you can also key up the knobs with your midi control so that you don’t have to touch your mouse in order to start tweaking knobs. If you don’t like the look of Lazy Snake you can also download other skins for it, but don’t expect to get much better than the original look of it. I have yet to see a great skin for it, but its free so you really cant expect all the bells and whistles with a freeware program that any one can download and use.


When downloading it, it says that you can only download it for windows but that’s not true. I cant remember how I got it to work on my mac but I did it and havent had a problem for it. Mac users , you might need to google a way to use it on your mac and find a work around.


Overall, it’s a great sound set collection of electric pianos with some cool effects all on a easy to understand interface. You will enjoy using it and tweaking the way that it sounds. Download it right away.