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User reviews on Virtual FM synth products

Concentrate Synclavier (UVI - The Beast)

By darklinux, 23/10/2014
The library is encrypted and you have gone through iLok creating an account for use, a physical USB is recommended iLok that is the eLicenser Steinberg better. The installation thus by copy and paste and use of UVI Workstation is compulsory, this one s' integrity when the installation does any DAW ... there is of course a manual 10


The library, s' used alone, they can be rettravaillé as the original machine which UVI taken out on ergonomics, sounds are those of the Synclavier, if you are not a fan of Thriller, dropped, this instrument s' fits very well with the current music, it's a classic. 10


I use it since I bought it and take your time, very good value for money, I Try not to somebody who does not have at least a second-generation iCore 7.

Amazing complex synth, unique! (Native Instruments - FM8)

By cuboid, 15/09/2014
I had no compatibility issues setting up FM8. The installation and set up process is very simple and straightforward.
However, the software itself is very complex and hard to understand at first.
To the new user, FM8 will probably be overwhelming. To understand what's going on you need to know oscillator routing, enveloping, and have a good understanding of the way synthesizers work.
You can easily look through the presets and fidget around to find out what certain parameters in the software does, but it will teach you a lot about synthesis and routing.
Once you understand the structure of FM8, it is very straightforward and actually not that complicated at all. The interface is just a bit daunting at first.


FM8 works flawlessly on my Windows 8 Laptop, 2.5GHz Intel i5-4200M CPU, 6 gigs of ram.
I have been using this software for over 2 years now and it has proven to be very stable, and easy on CPU.
As for performance, this is easily the most diverse synthesizer out there. The possibilities are virtually endless.
You can make anything from a devastating heavy bass synth, to a soft pleasant chime or bell, and everything in between! FM8 is a truly revolutionary plugin.


If you want a synth that can do just about anything, FM8 is the one for you. It is a must-have for anyone looking to better their sound design and learn more about synthesis.
At first, FM8 will seem complex and hard to understand, but it really is straightforward once you get to understand it. There are so many varieties of oscillator waveforms, routing techniques, and even built in effects that will help you create some insanely innovative sounds that will make you stand out.
I would highly recommend this plugin to anyone interested in electronic dance music production.

i like this box is out's (U-He - Bazille)

By zarro, 29/08/2014
it is still in beta but it does not crash

amd phenom II x4 3.42
ssd 160giga


since the first beta that date two years with any ugly interface but the approach had already fascinated me

I have tried most of the modular synth emulations and this I think is what is closest to what I was looking
most: is that almost anything is possible as in the modular
least: the missing CV sequencer tempo, I would have wanted to be sure sequencer eurorack.


value for money compared to all that there is on the market it puts more of a fining for quality in HEU is no longer a challenge with the diva

very simple installation exe and return code

I would do this choice and it was very thoughtful

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50% off nine NKS-ready synths

Published on 04/21/16
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