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User Review

Ebourrifant! - Reviews Camel Audio Alchemy

If the installation is no problem, it can be very, very long though because you need to download and bugs found have been seen by more than one user. It took me several attempts to get the full downloads ... Get out your modules and banks ONE by ONE in the order suggested by the site!

General Configuration: without comment, once everything has been downloaded properly ...

No incompatibilities encountered, I use it in its latest version on win 7 64bit with Ableton Live 9.

Question manual, it is clear, it is in English and with a racing such, it is a regret for me that does not control enough technical English. But the FAQ section of the website and service tips will certainly help.


Configuration: Asus Motherboard and I5 processor, 12 GB of ram, SSD + HDD for datas 1 terra map and TC Electronics Konnekt 8 firewire.

The software works very well in this configuration, with the hard drive c: SSD turbine that, although, again, it is too dependent on excellent bandwidth for downloads banks and modules ...

Perfect hardware + software configuration, not CPU intensive and really stable, even with 10 tracks open twelve o'clock in the song.


I use since 2012

I, in the same genre, including attempted NI Absynth and Alchemy is more complete, more varied, easier to handle as well. I also use Reaktor and Kontakt and there is no picture of the possibilities and much clearer grip here.

What I like most: the ability to test a fairly complete and unlimited free version.
Then the banks varied themes, the possibilities of using my own samples, granular synthesis, midi learn easy as pie and stable. Finally, this monstrous beast opens endless possibilities as the system offers different modulations.

What I like least: the quality of the proposed bank is uneven: the nine or ten purchased, there are two that I use only little basic state.
In addition, it is essential to have an excellent internet connection or it will not download full (bugs, missing samples etc. ... after a while it becomes swelling)

The price / quality ratio seems really good, new banks come regularly but not too often. Once you begin to buy from them, they send you regular offers, discounts.
A note is also buying you receive a very good assistance. Their service is fast and reliable. The guys are passionate and feel you are doing.

With experience, I absolutely do this choice. I highly recommend it, especially as its free version and sounds offered feast with you already! Do not hesitate, try it!