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User Review

The ultimate music-for-image tool - Reviews Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I bought it because a client had demos which required Omnisphere.
I found the interface ugly and poor and first thought that anyway, once that project was over, I'd get back to Alchemy and Camel Audio which also provide nice music for image sounds. Again regarding the interface, I considered Alchemy to provide a more flexibility and settings. That's true, but the more I work with Omnisphere and the more I realise how powerful and efficient it can be.

One can quickly and easily find quality sounds and edit or automate them quickly. Alchemy for instance is of course very complete, but also sometimes unnecessary complex. Sometimes it takes you in so many directions that you end up forgetting why you chose that sound for in the first place.

Omnisphere offers a large, rich and complete variety of sounds! In the end it helps a lot for my productions using pads, underscores, fx and so on.
Version 2 has a serach mode that is unique on the market, as it analyses a preset and compares it to other to suggest you those which are xlose to it! A real miracle. Or, you can look for a preset from only some parameters from another.

It's a way yo enhance one's workflow et find THE working sound you need faster. Can't do without it, and yet I have ALL there is in this style.

The main turndown is the waiting time when launching the plugin: 30 seconds... Let's hope they have an update to correct this. Then some presets can take 5 seconds to load... Like with Kontakt, there are more or less samples involved depending on the bank you choose. Yet I'm very surprised by some comments around the net by some experienced users calling it a CPU hog, unless their computer too is very experienced?

The other is that the licence doesn't allow it to be used for sound design, and I know some people who only do sound design and told me they appreciate this software but won't buy it because of this.