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User Review

Fascinating !!! - Reviews Korg Gadget

Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for 1 year soon, he served as dozens of applications into a single unified and ergonomic.

Korg has answered many of the objections made by the users (landscape mode pattern 16 measures, support midi controllers and CC, CC edition)

Level regrets and mostly lacks:

- Unable to select a clip and not a line of clips like Ableton Live grid fashion
- The lack of arrangement mode for moving patterns on a grid to precisely arrange its projects
- The few locations for effects which particularly regret the absence of bus tracks / fx at the mixer
-the midi out
- The cpu ipad which morflé and grows a new purchase equipment

...... The same time it is not a DAW but also a sophisticated groove box is she publishing term.

It remains a favorite app and with a good quality / price ratio, a nice groove box software that has absolutely no shame in facing the competition hardware in a budget of € 600-800.

This is an advanced groovebox running on ipad, ideal for creating loops in export to another project, create the foundations of a song. Off invoice rebates (all options and Korg included module) up to 70 €, it is in the top of the basket but completely justifiable seen the product and monitoring that goes with it.

Following various updates (4 or 5 some relatively major) comes the app has some ergonomic maturity.

It is stable but greedy and only a recent iPad allows to draw all the salt.

The situation worsens with the arrival of modules precisely from korg module where the first generation ipad air can collect 20-24 gadgets without "freezer" app lag beyond 5-6 modules. (Optimization problem?)

The documentation is in PDF, complete but totally unnecessary use.

General way, the app genere sound "effective", very "phatt" and connoted with presets "club"

Each gadget / module generates a type of sounds with a limited number of parameters, but useful, do not expect a sound treatment of last generation and innovative synthesis, remains in the digital synthesis that sounds and PCM playback without frills but which has proven itself.

that each gadget is a personality has both graphic and sound makes the use even more fun and immersive.

between all the available gadgets, 2 "samplers" Optional and 5 new modules (oriented pianos) the app to quickly address a wide range of music styles

About the modules, they just offer something complete the gadget "Marseille" too generalist paliant everything related to the acoustic pianos, Clavinet, organ and rhode. The sound is generally good and quite usable. Oriented string / brass module is also present, qualitatively consistent with the rest of the range (few parameters but effective with the right circles between simplicity and opportunities enough to avoid many modulation own frustration in a certain app ios).

The effects are enough with only 2 parameters Indeed, an update to integrate the effects module within any gadgets would be welcome. More space for the effects also.

Import level it is possible to import audio in samplers to sample but not in the literal sense,

For export it is audio only, with all that is possible as well as export in ios * .als for those using live.

Twelve o'clock level lappli recognizes a priori the major part of the controllers and supports DC with a minimalist but functional assignment, the mod wheel seems absent

No midi out or export midi files, it is a shame given the ergonomics of the sequencer