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Virtual Loop Tool/Slicer Samplers

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Virtual Loop Tool/Slicer Samplers
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User reviews on Virtual Loop Tool/Slicer Sampler products

The Best! Thank you Mr. PAVAGEAU class! (Repetito - Repetito Demo)

By jetoh, 04/12/2013
the demo version is downloadable from the site Repetito, the file is opened (zip memory) and executed and the interface appears by magic. It is simple and fast.
attention to what your sound card is properly installed and the asio selection because only the asio is recognized by Repetito.
manual posted is very clear with sample config pedal noon. In this regard assign commands is a breeze, Ctrl + command that you want to assign and it only remains to support the pad selected. It's done! we just start the adventure.
An important point availability designer for any installation bp is not in boss that you have service! small point that is important.


Use on laptop, 1GB ram windows.
because Repetito takes very little resources, I think even on an old typewriter he would be able to give us the loop :)
The software works perfectly and is very responsive, no latency observed


I look forward to my hand completely on the demo version to upgrade to pro. Thanks again to Mathieu Pavageau to afford a free looper bury all other pedals and loopers supposedly dedicated to creating. Here no such thing, there are no limits, only your creativity will not default the software. As a multi each recorded track can be treated individually (mute / solo), the loop can be doubled, quadrupled, etc ... allowing outrageous fantasies, no other looper permits. drum loops, arrhythmic are possible. This is the only looper that allows more than just another repeated endlessly loop, and that really gets boring for the audience ... with Repetito you made the real composition.
For the record, I pass all my loop pedals to Emmaus, I think this is the only thing to do ;) it sure is a small pedal in a pedalboard it takes up less space than having a pc next to you, except that the pedal is useless! I tried everything and I abandoned the idea of ​​ever having a looper capable of such opportunities. I was wrong, now I use it and it is a treat!
Also thank you to Mr. Nosfell great master of loop and his meeting with the designer Mathieu Pavageau which allowed such an embodiment. I only have two words CLASS!

the best and unequivocally (Repetito - Repetito Pro Version)

By marolo, 24/02/2013
Installation is quite simple, just follow the information provided by the designer who does that very well and is always available ..
This is a plus and a real pleasure ..

This configuration is just as simple, you just take the time to understand the two different types of existing configurations and which two are best prepared for your project and specific needs of the moment (stage, studio, etc. .... ) ..
But more and at the risk of repeating myself the designer is reachable and someone who takes the time to understand and solve problems together and also up-graded its software according to specific requirements ...

For manual I have not read it yet but at first glance it seemed clear to me ..


macbook pro 2.2 GHz with 4 GB of RAM .. (An old but now it turns niquel)
motul 828 MK2 soundcard

the performance in his appointment and very stable software. the configuration of hardware and software meets no problem ..
To be honest I was a little worried to go on stage with a hook in the form of software, but after several concert I'm more afraid that my computer I loose the software which currently has excellent performance ..

Over the last advance of its software just perfect ..


I use it for around 2 years or more ..
I think I tried all that exists LOOPER (RC20, RC 50, JAM MAN Echoplex ETC ...) and frankly nothing beats Repetito because he was really thinking like a true LOOPER and with all the improvements that Roland never wanted to do on his RC 50 and felt much better ..

More Repetitot is capable of handling multiple sound source brilliantly entrant and it is just great c, all without the sound of another instrument "piss" in the loop ..
(Eg RC 50 you can pan for two different input source but the sound is worse, and sometimes it just pisses everywhere) ..

The feature that I like least c is telling me that I have so many great opportunities with this software and the evolutions made by Mr PAVAGEAU I can not bugg just say that the machine but to me ;)

When I bought it I bought a little tank or at least without being sure that it will finally LOOPER who was going to solve all my problems and its ben c LOOP is now ;)

Well just agree to hate notes but I put 8 because each has biensure product evolve and will be even better with time .. But now days it vaudrais more ..

Excellent! A true playground .. (Repetito - Repetito Demo)

By miquetmousse, 23/02/2013
Everything is simple and hassle free.
Not rocket science, installation, activation, configuration ...
If ever a book is available and explains everything in detail.
In the pro version the possibilities are extensive and the manual is an invaluable tool to understand all the possibilities.


Running on Macbook Pro 2009, core2duo 2.4, 8G ram. UCX RME soundcard. Also tested with Motu.
It runs superbly. Depending on the sound card down into little tiny latencies.
I had a small problem after switching to OSX 10.8. Contact by email fast solution found. Impeccable. That happiness compared to large companies where contact is difficult or impossible.


I speak of the PRO version:
Finally a looper that is a true playground for the ultra simple complete. Super stable, sound quality nickel, very configurable, everything is controllable via MIDI.
I tried a bit of everything that exists in looper, especially those without quantization and finally I found. Play opportunities are enormous. Sky is the limit.
After each according to his preferences and playing style approach is sought to work in the looper. In my case I waited long Repetito.
The interface is designed to be seen from afar. And yes, Repetito can be used by two people at the same time, each with up to six independent audio inputs (depending on the sound card of course). We can place the computer qque hand on stage or in a room so that the two "players" have a visual feedback, even qque meters. It is very very strong! And each may have several inputs (voice, beats, synths ...). It also is very strong!
Sessions can be exported multitrack (if 8 loops then 8 tracks sound files) to beings or other mixed afterwards.
The sessions can also be saved, rappellées later, and organized in a predefined order. This helps prepare Complete set with base pieces (we may recall via MIDI without touching the computer) to replay over without having to build every time.
Anyway, still a lot of things ... as the possibility of going out on eight different tracks, and therefore be mixed live on a 8-track mixer (as has been done Nosfell).


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