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User Review

A synth from another planet - Reviews Native Instruments Absynth 5

The Native Instruments Absynth 5 is the newest, latest version of the legendary Absynth line. It is know for its organic, evolving sounds, that can be customized to be very complex. It contains over 2,100 preset sounds, so you don't have to design anything from scratch (but you certain can if you want!). Other features include 68-stage envelopes, tempo sync, semi-modular synthesis, specialized effects (such as Aetherizer, Cloud Filter, and Super Comb), macro controls, usage as a standalone effects unit, and much more.


Native Instrument's Absynth 5 is a complex instrument, and it can be very overwhelming to use at first. Luckily, there are a plethora of factory presets, and they are organized very neatly in the browser section. You can quickly choose and browse sounds based on many categories, such as overall sound type, sound mode, main sound characteristics, and genre applications. There is even a mutation option, built right into the browser, which lets you randomly change and mutate the selected sound, creating new, original sounds immediately. This organic nature of Absynth is displayed throughout the synth, and it makes it a very unique experience.

One other unique feature of Absynth 5 is the effects section, which includes 6 various delays and reverbs. But these effects are very unusual and unique, and they work like no other delays. The creative possibilities are endless in this section and in others, and it seems to work in it's own way, with controls and parameters that seem very unusual and specific to Absynth only.

Even the graphic layout is an experience, which looks very futuristic, and almost alien-like. It sets the mood and tone of the synth pretty well, and Absynth, with it's complexities, can create some out of this world sounds.


Overall, the Native Instruments Absynth 5 is a great synth if you are looking for something with more unusual textures and ambient possibilities. You may have a hard time finding basic, retro sounds here, but if you want to create something that has never been created before, this is the perfect tool.