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Just for its sound - Reviews AcousticsampleS B-5 Organ

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Advanced Users
Hi all,

I couldn't resist after watching the demonstration video so as a great Hammond fan I bought it.
I found the installation and activation process complicated but it finally ended up working - still wondering how btw.
I find the UVI station's screen too small, this soundbank workstation's not as convenient as Kontakt. Not as flexible either it seems as far as effect management is concerned.
I must have missed something, but everytime I open it I have to go and open the B5 bank, which is pretty annoying.
Texts on the B5 GUI are a bit small for those without a good sight, but it's clear and well-organized so with a little use you still can do it.
The preset management system seems a bit odd to me as they're affected to each keyboard (upper, lower and pedalboard). I didn't find how to save a global preset for the entire organ ?
There's a main page with a direct access to the main settings and a secondary page for more "specialized" settings.
The parameter management system is simple and general as a rule. You soon understand the essential, even if I still have a whole lot of things to understand about controls.
Soundwise, it's a real success. Compared with native's vintage organ you only get one organ, but it sounds really really well. You get that roaring, rumbling sound from the hammond organ. The percussion and leslie management seems really good and pretty realistic. This is the best vst hammond organ that I know.
My only hesitation is on the distortion that seems under par compared with the rest. It can't really be configured and you have to set it with caution so as not to exaggerate. When pushed too far, it sounds caricatural or a bit too eccentric to my taste.
Ergonomically speaking, the plugin can be made better and the uvi station didn't convince me at all, still in the end the sound is great. That's what really matters.