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User reviews on Virtual percussion products

you will love it (Project SAM - True Strike 1)

By stompboxjon, 05/07/2012
Sam True Strike 1 is a 24 bit multi format type library and its very compatible with several different programs, I have used it with Native Instruments Kontakt and it has worked great, I think if you are still using some of Kontakts early stuff it may not work though, because there was some compatibility issues with some of the older versions of Kontakt and True Strike 1. There are many percussion instruments that get overlooked on a lot of software vst for percussion that Sam True Strike 1 has not over looked and has spent a lot of time developing, some of those sounds are temple blocks, bell tree and cowbells, even some triangles and tambourine sounds. Most musicans over look those instruments and don’t think that its really important to have great sound cow bells and stuff like that. Well not every one will use those sounds but If you do use those type of sounds from time to time make sure you use them from Sam True Strike 1, they sound great and are well recorded, they arent cheap like the sounds that come in some vst’s.

This software is very easy to operate, im not sure if you can actually download it though, I purchased it and received a boxed version in the mail and had to load the dvd’s on my machine. They did take a few minutes to load but there are a lot of sounds so it is understandable. Also, you will be notified of updates from the website automatically if the software needs to be updated. So you will always be in the loop and updating is painless and quick and doesn’t mess with any of your files or presets. If you are the type to pay attention to detail in vst’s like me. Then this vst by Sam will really float your boat. You will love it.

My Favorite Drums Library (Native Instruments - Damage)

By tarrtime, 27/12/2012
Damage is software instrument from Heavyocity that runs inside of Kontakt (or Kontakt Free) from Native Instruments. It is comprised of drum loops and individual drum hits. Unlike Heavyocity Evolve, Mutations 1, and Mutations 2, there are no melodic instruments available in Damage. The software is installed directly downloading it from the Heavyocity website or the NI website. Authorization is completed using the NI Service Center. The library is really large, so it takes a while to download depending on your internet connection. You can also purchase DVDs if you don't want to download it.


This software is really easy to use, but also has plenty of control and flexibility. The GUI was thoughtfully designed to keep each menu useful without being cluttered. There is plenty of tweakability from eqs/filters/compressors/reverbs/distortions if you want to completely shape the sound. Or you can just dial up the 'Punish' knob to liven up the samples. Trigger/stutter effects have their use, but shouldn't be over used.
Another welcomed improvement in Damage compared to Evolve and EM1&2 is the ability to drag and drop the midi of loops into a DAW host. This means that it is really simple to make small adjustments to the loops to make them less repetitive or to customize the loops to fit your song better.


Heavocity has produced a masterpiece sample library of cinematic drum sounds. The percussive sounds range from orchestral to ethnic to traditional studio drum sets. The loops are amazing, and come with the added bonus that individual instruments can be triggered separately. Therefore, if you like the kick drum from one loop and the snare from a different loop, then you can put them together easily.
I would love to see Heavyocity release a whole library of deeply-sampled drum sets (ala NI Studio Drummer, BFD2, Superior Drummer 2, etc). I love using Damage and Evolve to add some cinematic flavor to my music, but I would like if they did a whole drum library that I could use in place of all my other drum-sampling software.

Azuma's review (EastWest - Quantum Leap Stormdrum)

By Azuma, 25/02/2013
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues , the program works on any platform either Windows XP, Windows Seven or MAC OS.

The book provided with the program was excellent , very in depth explained , the design also is a factor to consider , while reading the book you could get instant a pretty advanced understanding of the program.


The Software works correctly without any types of errors or mistakes , also the gear and configuration is very stable , Image Line did make a very useful and easy to understand Daw.

I'm getting great performances , mainly in creating my drum sets , different grooves and patterns.


What I like most about Storm Drum is that it's based around samples , acoustic drum kit.
The quality of the samples is extremely high , and you have a lot of samples to choose from , different kicks , snare , hi hats , different grooves and panning , velocity and sound.

I do enjoy the fact that you can sync the tempo or the duration of other samples with the Storm Drum , which makes the creating process to occur much faster and easier.

The design of the program is very pleasant and easy to catch as well , everything its based on a basic concept which is found trough a nice interface , and another great thing about this product is that it has a lot of eq options , you have a low pass filter , a high pass filter , a great delay and many other effects options.

Precision and quality of the sound is remarkable , the drums sound very full , powerful and have a nice attack.

My opinion about the value of the price is decent , I think this is a very powerful drum tool to have in your arsenal , so without a doubt , price shouldn't be a problem if you're serious about your music.

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