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User Review

rjeunet's review - Apple Mainstage 3

MacOSX standard: nothing to declare for installation. Just make sure you turn on the Rewire in the preferences if you want to use, because it is not activated by default.
This version can suck resources, but I think in this new version, there are still some bugs. My MacBook Pro i7 (4 cores) has overheated once, and almost failed to fly, despite a pattern of not huge patches.


The ability to create set-up together is impressive. We can mix and collect instruments, live audio, guitars, drums, play the back, effects all niveux etc ... in such complex patch you want, and go from one to the another in the blink of an eye. Single NI had achieved this in the past with Kore.
The implementation is not always easy and takes time compared to all integrated workstations. For it was against all comers with Logic instruments, including the new arrpégiateur which is a significant improvement in the world of music software (but still short of workstations as Korg Karma or example that can handle the flame / strumming and the number of notes played by agreement).
With all these instruments and effects, it is extremely rich in possibilities.

It's a shame that Rewire Mainstage can be a host, not a slave. There are situations where it could have been used. And with version 3, it is imperative that the slave is a 64bit application. Goodbye to the 32-bit!
Mainstage can be used in the main program, and can not function as a plug-in either.
Route a signal to Mainstage is very easy. on the other hand re-route the signal into another application that Apple software can be difficult. (Fortunately with the pro audio cards, you can re-route the signal to a stereo pair called "return" used in any program. I bless my MOTU)


Generally this program is fabulous for live performance, regardless of the instrument being played. A quality / price ratio that kills!
It's a shame that NI abandoned the race with their Kore was very similar.