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Virtual Samplers/Sample Players
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Reviews Virtual Sampler/Sample Player


A video review of the new synth from Lethal Audio

Killer Sounds from Lethal Lethal Audio recently released Lethal, a crisp-sounding "rompler"-style software instrument with a heavy emphasis on EDM, but which will also be useful for pop, rock, hip-hop, and film scoring. read more…

Steinberg HALion 5 Review

HALion Doing? Twelve years after the first version of HALion — the sampler "made in Steinberg" — came out, it's time for the fifth generation to make its debut with a lot of new features. But will it be enough to compete with the two major players, namely Kontakt and MachFive? read more…

Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Review

Kontakt on the Fast Track Among the host of new products introduced by Natives Instruments in September, we found a new Kontakt version. Here is a quick overview of its new features. read more…

User reviews on Virtual Sampler/Sample Player products

Fantastic Program (Native Instruments - Kontakt 4)

By bgallaghermusic, 05/01/2015
Kontakt is my one and only sample player. It's a strong and versatile program and after using it for about 7-8 years I'm still learning more and more about how powerful this thing is.

I generally use Kontakt as a plug-in and outside of some occasional samples I've programmed myself in some of Logic's synthesizers, I use Kontakt exclusively for sample playback, editing, and creation. Most projects I've done start with me opening a multi-channel instance of Kontakt and loading up the sounds I need. For a complete beginner it might take a bit to realize the full potential of this program, such as the sample editing capabilities and using the multi-channel aspect to save CPU, but it's generally straightforward. Once it's loaded up, all you have to do is find your sounds and double-click.

The Kontakt sound libraries themselves are pretty decent although not the best. The orchestral samples are very flexible and controllable, but just don't sound that great. However, they can be effectively utilized mixed-in with more professional samples for a bigger, fuller spectrum of sound. I find the strings, for example, to be a bit harsh but that can be great if you want to boost the upper frequencies of a more dull string patch, or a synth pad. In the end, there are some decent sounds in there but you have to go looking. The best thing is to separate all the sounds that really excel into another folder for easy access.

Besides being a great sample player, Kontakt has been really useful to me in creating and editing my own samples. You can drag and drop any audio file into the Kontakt interface and it is immediately mapped out and pitch shifted onto the midi keyboard. After that you are free to edit the audio in so many different ways and add other audio files as well to make an entire sample collection in one .nki file. I've used this function to create my own sample libraries of percussion instruments that I've collected over the years and I've already started on some cool flutes and other wind instruments I've got lying around as well. It's an incredibly easy process and can also be really useful for sound design. You can drag any audio audio at all in and then mess with it as much as you want. Sometimes the results of random experimentation can be quite useful.

I really can't see any big cons to this software, I'm just such a fan. There isn't much it can't do and there are seemingly endless possibilities.


This thing made pop pop in the 90's.. Now it's FREE! (E-MU - Proteus VX)

By sle_en, 17/10/2014
This is definitely a piece of software that you have to read the manual to. It's a little clunky and most certainly isn't intuitive, demanding that you do your homework. Once you do though, there's little difficulty.


The software works fine and is stable, but the interface is showing its age. It doesn't use many resources, despite having built in effects.


I worked in a pro audio shop in the early 2000's. This thing then came in the form of a large, expensive rackmount device and they FLEW off the shelves. SO MUCH music was produced using these things, it's unreal. Reading the reviews here, it just goes to show how people are unaware what this thing is - basically pop-music in a box. It's the king of sound modules - everything is laid on, even the effects, panning, you name it.

The software implementation does lack of course the hardware advantages of the rackmount, like multiple outputs, but for free? This is a steal. Give it a try, you really cannot go wrong with this thing for making any remotely MOR music.

I glue it good ..... (IK Multimedia - SampleTank 3)

By Seith, 11/10/2014
Yeah .installé no prob 4 disk but it's still long.
Ditto its nickel conflict starts
Manuel? Because its used this stuff to the devs have understood ... 10% of people use it.


My config was on top but its started dating.
I7 extreme - 32 GB of RAM
The same for 3 years under win8 64 never crashes and there is heavy installs
Komplete Ultimate 7-8-9, Hollywood strgs - brass diamond .omnisphere.halion 5 .machfive than 15 beats in cubase uvi etc ..... 64 7.5.
Reason 7.5
I have dedicated this bike has zik and nickel never turns pale, mac? Sorry but no need when taking care of his bike zik and the hands are put in grease its rolls


Yeah not to mention hard I all around the belly and I am very surprised.
I have the kind halion 5 which is also fine
For controversy I find kontakt worse as workstation for if little sound into detailed instrumentals I like the odds of the other two expanders with their sounds ready and much better than kontakt of effects modules.
It is in use at the hard expanders and suddenly I put all the nails
Lots of sounds to the Speed ​​Dial without the fuss and table on my laptop for the mobile chtit zicos.
Avoid stupid comparisons, blame was not a Twingo patater as z4 that you do not prevent the effective and be good. Al use of adapted car full of people.
Here c is a very good tool for dialed first jet and pros zicos who wants to sell a kidney and still have a good product usable
Look at the mess that is to throw in a komplete ultimate 65% of unnecessary and like any old plug
They put to plenty of gigs that delight suckers ...
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News Virtual Sampler/Sample Player

UVI Workstation updated to v2.6.6

Published on 05/19/16
UVI has updated its free Workstation software to v2.6.6, fixing a few issues from previous versions.

DiscoDSP's Bliss updated to v1.0.4

Published on 05/17/16

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