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[News] Download E-MU Proteus VX for free!

E-mu announces that the Proteus VX is now a freeware! E-mu distributes it now directly for free on their website.

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Good news, E-mu told us we can make the software available on our servers !
you can download it (fast) on !
I downloaded, I installed it, end when I open it it hanged my computer (blue screen 2 times)
I use VISTA. Is the program incompatible with them? :(
Hi, same problem, Proteus doesn't work with Vista.javascript:emoticon('…leys/icon_cry.gif(" />')
Any idea or update coming??
Apparently there's no development planned :(.
i downloaded it and try and open it i get errors were found opening this floder whats going on
sry but zip file dont work......error / unpack
Sorry about that.
We just reset our media database.
I'm gonna fix it asap.

I'll tell you when it's done.

[EDIT] OK, everything is back to normal. Sorry again for this problem [/edit]
hi thx,

but this file i cant open too ( with win rar / zip ) new file- proteus-vx-free ( old file musikmesse 2008 )
with win & mac.....

Ok guys !
Now, you can download the file. The .zip downloader has been fixed.

So sorry about this problem.

Enjoy this E-Mu software.

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