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Error I-001 ??? - forum E-MU Proteus VX

Everytime I try to install Proteus VX , I get 'Error I-001'. I'm instructed to contact support. Can you help me with the "unresolved issue" that this error is pointing to? Microsoft 7 OS.
Thanks Ken

Hi...did you ever get this sorted out? I am now getting it as I try to install the VX> Thanx.

Is this after you download the files from this site (Audiofanzine)?  Or is this in the process of the download?

I'm having the same problem running install after downloading.  Windows Vista OS

K ... figured it out.... re download the software at the link presented here if running a download utility turn it off !. Next b4 running setup turn off your antivirus for duration of setup. Hope this helps...


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